Hey guys, something a bit different from the usual today in honour of Movember. Movember is a charity event that is close to my heart and I have been taking part in it for about 7 years now (the header picture on this page is from the Pistol Shrimps’ Movember social the first year that I took part). For more details on what Movember is and why it is so important to me take a look at my overview page, as this post is going to be more of a Mo-gression update.

2016’s Movember efforts at work. The Monkeytail certainly turned some heads in the office

In terms of fundraising, 2016 was by far my most successful year due to the help I got from colleagues at work. Not only did they really hep to spread the word, a couple of my colleagues also took part alongside me. Granted one of the lads had very minimal growth (if I’m being kind) and the other 2 lads only had their Mos for a couple of days, but it was great to have the extra support in the office.

This year I have a colleague going the whole distance with me and even though it’s early days, it looks like we’re going to have 2 cracking Mos in the office this month! I’ve always been able to grow quite decent facial hair but this year is a new experience for me. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say the only place I can’t grow hair well is the top of my head, so in recent months I have decided to ditch the heavily receding hairline and take the razor to the scalp. I’ve also had a permanent beard for the last couple of years, so the only times I have been clean shaven in the last 2 years have been due to Movember. People at work were shocked by my appearance on Day 1 when I walked in bald on both the top and bottom of my head! In just 3 days I’ve been told like Phil Mitchell, the Moon, a large baby and a few other NSFW things.

So, the all important Mo-gression picture:20171101_200615Obviously as this is a Day 1 photo there’s not much to look at here (other than my extra chins) but my plan is to put up a couple of update posts each week in order to give regular Mo-gression updates.


If you want to donate, please go to my Movember fundraising page. Any donations will be greatly appreciated.

Together we can help to change the face of men’s health.

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