With my Mo-Bro Mike

Less than a week to go know. It feels like November is going fast, but I also feel like I’ve had the Mo for years!

It’s been great having the support at work and it really makes taking part in Movember more enjoyable. This year I’ve had a Mo-Bro in Mike who can actually grow facial hair – no offence Alex – so it has been nice not being the only one with questionable face-fuzz. As well as this the support from one of our managers, Kate, has been great, as she has helped get the word out around the business rather than just in our office, while another of our managers, Alan, continues to find new people or things to compare me to – WWF’s Legion of Doom being the latest!

20171124_200340But as much as Movember is a great laugh, there is a serious side to this. Please take a moment to visit my Mo-Space and donate whatever you can afford. As Tesco say, every little helps!

Together, we can help change the face of men’s health!

My Movember 2017 journey:

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