Now all that remains is for me to grow this Mo out…

… Well that idea didn’t last long!

Within about an hour of me posting my ‘Finale’ piece, I received a tweet from a producer on BBC Radio Gloucestershire asking me to contact them. I gave them a call and they asked if I’d be interested in appearing on the Breakfast show this morning and getting the Mo shaved off along with a few other willing participants.

If you’ve been reading my Movember journey, then you’ll know that raising awareness is a big part of Movember to me, so obviously I said yes! Luckily I was on a late shift today so able to make an appearance.

It was great to go on Mark Cummings’ show and have a quick chat about why I was raising money and how I’d done this month. Hopefully a lot of people heard and will be encouraged to take part/donate next year, or at least check themselves more regularly!

Movember may just be 1 month a year, but cancer or mental health issues can happen at any time, so please people check yourselves and talk to someone. You’re not alone.

Visit my Mo-Space and take a look back through my Movember 2017 journey:

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