We are less than a week away from the beginning of the 6 Nations and what a better way to start getting hyped for the tournament than preparing to do fantasy rugby!

For those who haven’t heard of or done fantasy rugby before, it is an online game where you pick a team from players taking part in a tournament and earn/lose points according to what they do in each match (eg points for a try, points lost for a card). Over recent years, fantasy rugby has become a lot more popular, with a number of sites starting to create their own fantasy rugby competitions, each with slightly different rules.

As I have done with the Premier League and Premiership Rugby this year, I have decided to invite you all to join me in a fantasy rugby league for the 6 Nations, but I couldn’t choose between 2 sites so feel free to join both!

espnI have been doing the ESPN Fantasy 6 Nations since my uni days (too long ago to admit!) and of the 2 sites I will be doing, this is probably the easier one for rookies! In this one, you select 15 players: 3 front row, 2 locks, 3 back row, 1 scrum half, 1 fly half, 2 centres, 2 back three and nominate 1 kicker (the only player who will have points counted for kicks off the tee). You can set up a team here and join my league using the code 1323867-118131

rugbymagThe other site that I will be using this year is The Rugby Magazine. I have used them for the Premiership the last 2 seasons and really enjoyed it, so was obviously excited to hear that they had expanded to the 6 Nations. In this one, you need to select a squad of at least 28 players and then each round, select a starting XV and a 8-man bench (which gets half points). You will also need to select a captain (for double points) and a kicker (again, the only person for who points earned off the tee will count). What I have really liked about The Rugby Magazine’s fantasy leagues is that not only are they deeper in terms of selecting a squad, but they also allow more variety by letting players be placed in multiple positions – for example, Owen Farrell could be played at 10 or in the centre. You can set up a team here and join my league using the code b6c1e40d48e6

Interested? This is purely for fun so there is no money or anything on the line and no prize for winning other than the respect of your opponents. I hope to see you there and my the best man/woman win!

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