It’s that time of year again! That time when I brave cold cheeks in the name of charity. Yes it’s Movember!

I’ve been doing Movember for about 10 years now as it’s a cause that is close to my heart, and this year, as we are now able to be more sociable again, I am back to fundraising for the Movember Foundation. For those who haven’t heard of the Movember Foundation, they focus on “changing the face of men’s health” with a focus on testicular cancer, prostate cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. If you wish to donate, every little helps, and there are 3 ways you can do so:

  • Head to my Mo Space
  • Check out my Instagram (@pstetheridge), where I have set up a second fundraiser
  • Write a cheque to ‘Movember’ referencing my registration ID (13438480) and mail it to: Movember Europe, PO Box 485, Wilstead, Bedford, MK45 3XN

This year, I’m planning to chart my “Mo-gression” with a series of posts on here. I’m aiming for one every 5-6 days but don’t hold me to that. For each one, I’ll let you have an update on how things are going along with my latest picture so that you can see how the growth is going. But this site is all about sport, so of course I have added a slight sporting twist, as each of my Mo-gression posts will also include a quick look at someone in the sporting world who has a notable moustache. I won’t promise that they will be the most famous moustached sport stars in the world, purely the ones who first came to mind as I put this together.

So… let’s get underway!

Day 30

And so, the end is near. The Monkeytail must face the final curtain. Well, it’ll hang around for a few days until I can be bothered to shave. It has been another fun month of growing and raising both funds and awareness for the Movember Foundation.

A few people have asked me about how hard it is to do this, and it’s pretty much second nature to me now as I’ve done it 4 or 5 times now, so I thought I’d put together a few tips for anyone thinking of giving it a go next year:

  • Decide which way round you want to do it (which ear it will go up to). If you have a patch where it doesn’t grow on one side, you may have to take that into account when planning. If you have a chance beforehand, it may be worth just practicing the next few times you shave to see what looks or feels better. Personally, I prefer taking it up to my right ear as I’m right-handed, so when shaving it feels more comfortable making the more precise movements on the right side of my face rather than reaching across my body.
  • Try to keep the shape distinct, shave every couple of days to ensure that the rest of your face does not get to a stage where the stubble is almost as long as the design, as this just makes it harder to find the shape when you are shaving.
  • Similar to the above, once I have the shape in place, I prefer just using soap rather than shaving gel, as it allows me to see the design and keep the shape
  • Personally, I find it helpful to use my jawline as the bottom of the section going up the side of my face, while the for the section going down the one side of my mouth I take advantage of a natural thinning of my facial hair between the top lip and my cheeks, which I also use for my natural beard
  • Start big. Don’t make it really narrow straight away as that leaves you no room for error. As I get into the latter stages, I will often just take a little off in places to get it looking exactly how I want it

And now of course for the fundraising! Thank you to everyone who has donated, I managed to reach my initial target of £100 on my Mo Space, while I have also raised £35.45 on my Instagram fundraiser. Of course, there is still time to donate if you want, but this is already one of my most successful years!

Sporting Mo

So for our final report, I stick with rugby, with Mat Turner

Mat Turner is a South African born rugby player, most well known for his time in the World Sevens Series and Major League Rugby.

Usually a wing or fullback in 15s, Turner started his professional career at Bristol (2008-2010), during which time he also played for the newly-created South African franchise the Southern Kings in their first ever match, against the British & Irish Lions during the 2009 Lions Tour.

Turner played for England 7s courtesy of his English mother. He went on to become a regular for the team, featuring in 34 Sevens World Series tournaments between 2009-2013, scoring 93 tries and 16 conversions over 145 matches. Turner was top scorer in the 2011–12 IRB Sevens World Series with 38 tries (1 more than teammate Dan Norton), and was nominated for the 2012 IRB Sevens Player of the Year award.

Following his 7s career, he returned to 15s, where he played for Western Province in the 2015 Vodacom Cup after missing out on a spot in the Stormers’ 2015 Super Rugby squad. After a spell as the head coach of the Sri Lanka national rugby sevens team, he signed with the Seattle Seawolves for the inaugural MLR season, going on to be a regular starter for them in all 4 seasons to date, being named MLR champions in 2018 and 2019.


So why does Turner make this list, as he is most commonly seen clean shaven or with a beard. Well it all goes back to Movember 2013, as much younger Tim was browsing YouTube looking for updates on the current 7s season and found a video of Turner’s effort for the year… You’ve guessed it, the monkey tail!

rugby movember mat turner monkeytail And in that moment, my design for Movember 2014 (and many years since) was confirmed!

Movember_Iconic Mo_Black

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