Back in 2018, I made a decision to expand my focus to include the Movie Trivia Schmoedown – a combination of movie trivia and WWE entertainment. As the brand grew, my writing on here came to an end in November 2018 as I was given the chance to write for their new website, along with a number of other Schmoedown bloggers. Recently it was announced that as the crew’s focus is needed elsewhere, it was announced that the site will be coming to an end. This means that the Schmoedown will be making a return to this site!

First of all, I want to give a big thank yous:

  • To Schmoedown creator and Chairman of the league Kristian Harloff and Managing Editor William Bibbiani for giving me the chance to write for the site
  • To the cast and crew, who continue to create an amazing product that is just going from strength to strength
  • To the fans, who have helped to create such an amazing community

Over the coming weeks, I will be posting my articles from the site onto here. As some of these are almost a year old, some of them are somewhat outdated and may have proved to be completely off the mark.

Posted to 3/1/19

It’s hard to believe, but that first fateful match between JTE and Cobbster which lead to the creation of the Schmoedown was over four years ago. And with so many competitors having faced each other, it means that there are now plenty of possible rematches available to those making the schedule.

Rematches have been some of the big draws in the past, from Rocha coming back to avenge his “Bespin moment” in Rocha v Mantz II, to the ending of The Patriots’ run when they took on Above The Line for a second time. We all know how the first match went and find ourselves looking forward to seeing if things go different next time.

With that in mind, I decided to follow up my recent fantasy billings between competitors who have never faced each other with a selection of rematches that I think would be great to see. Initially, I was planning to include some matches from the Team Division, but having looked through the roster I realised that the uncertainty over a number of teams following Anarchy (who knows if we will see Top 10 or Team Action ever again) means that there are very few teams left with much of a playing history, so I have instead stuck to 1v1 matches.

Dan Murrell vs. Samm Levine II

Dan Murrell and Samm Levine have been the main names featured in the discussion for the Schmoedown GOAT over the recent years, so who wouldn’t want to see these two face again? They met previously at the first Collider Collision, where Samm cashed in his title shot (from winning the inaugural Free 4 All) immediately after Murrell reclaimed the belt in a Triple Threat match against Rocha and Reilly. Murrell emerged victorious with a 26-23 scoreline, but it was not until the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament later that season that Samm went on the run that brought him into the GOAT conversation.

Levine is the first double Champion, but his choice to step away from competing means that Murrell still holds the record for most successful title defences in the Singles Division. In the Battle of the GOATs, who would emerge victorious this time…?

Jeff Sneider vs. JTE II

Sneider and JTE competed against each other in the quarterfinals of the 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown tournament. JTE entertained us with his infamous “Japeto Moment,” but still emerged victorious over his then-teammate with a score of 19-21 on his run to the final (where he eventually lost to Samm Levine). With The Patriots now disbanded and Sneider having left the Lion’s Den, we almost had them face off during Anarchy, but JTE’s accident meant that Sneider and Andreyko took on The Harris Brothers rather than their original iteration The Evil Geniuses. If the former brothers in arms compete against each other in 2019, it could be one of my most anticipated matches of the year!

Stacy Howard vs. Josh Macuga II

“The Wildman” went up against “Sassy” Stacy Howard back in May 2018 and while it was by no means one of the highest scoring matches of the year (Howard won 12-10), it was a fun affair between two competitors who can each beat most comers on their day. Josh Macuga’s ability to pull an answer out of nowhere early in his career made “Macuga-ing” a verb, but Stacy has also shown herself to be good at finding her way to the right answer when everything looks against her. If they faced off again it may not be breaking any points records, but you can almost guarantee a fun match.

Mark Reilly vs. Clarke Wolfe II

Mark Reilly defeated his then-teammate Clarke Wolfe 14-13 to set up his title match with John Rocha, where he eventually won the Singles Title back from the Outlaw. With the two of them being partners at that point it was a friendly affair that belied how competitive they each are. Today, with the Wolves of Steel in the past and Clarke now part of the Shirewolves, there seems to be a bit of tension between the two following Reilly’s return to competing as a member of the Horsemen. While I’m sure both would remain civil towards each other, I would expect a very different atmosphere to a rematch between these two.

Rachel Cushing vs. Mike Kalinowski II (Innergeekdom)

Rachel Cushing and Mike Kalinowski first faced each other in Innergeekdom in August 2017, with “The Crusher” taking a 20-18 victory in a match remembered for Cushing’s Galadriel entrance, which won her Singles Entrance of the Year at the 2017 Schmoedown Awards. Fast forward a year and a half, both have proved themselves to be among the top Innergeekdom competitors who could easily KO any player if they have a bad start. Add in Kalinowski’s new heel persona and this has the potential to become one of the greatest matches in the history of the Innergeekdom Division.

Let me know what you think of these rematches! I’d love to hear who you want to see face each other again!

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